We have a minor obsession with mid-century everything as evidenced by a quick walk through our office. From our room of vintage clocks, designer chairs for our desks, and our pining for the new season of Mad Men we have a problem. Dana has had a real love affair for the odd and thrown away and it helps because he tends to find things that are not in vogue before they are, well in vogue. This same spirit of discovery worked for our Airstream trailer which serves as a kind of pop-up-shop. The Airstream we have used to be their personal camper before it was a fixture at our events. The idea was kind of revolutionary and it is now something you see a lot of businesses doing which we think is awesome because we love good design and we love Airstream. We are in the process re-designing the graphics and the unveil will be on the road to the Long Beach Grand Prix on April 11. We hope to see you there but in the meantime peep some of these pics of the icon from the Vintage to the art inspired.