Meet Stefan

Stefan is the newest addition to the team at two weeks fresh and we are having a lot of fun with him already. I sat down with him to talk about cameras, cars, and "pizza bugers"!

Dana: What do you do at HARVEYS?
Stefan: I do photography and multimedia planning.

D: What inspires you to create?
S: I am inspired by interesting people, interesting environments and music, a ton of good music.

D: What is your earliest memory with a camera?
S: My first memory with a camera was when I was 10  years old.  My parents bought me a Vivitar 110 point and shoot film camera. Shooting film was always a fun game as a kid because you only had 24 shots and you never knew how the pictures were going to come out or if any of them would even come out at all. I would constantly ride my bike around my neighborhood and take portraits of cars I thought were cool.  I specifically remember taking photographs of compact cars because they were easy to get completely in the frame with out spending too much time dodging traffic in the middle of the street.  If I had a nickel for every Pontiac Fiero I took a photo of I'd be a filthy rich man.

D: Pizza or Burgers?
S: A Pizza Burger. Why choose one when you can have both at the same time?

D: Favorite Restaurant in the area right now?
S: True Foods Kitchen

D: Who would you consider your style icons when it comes to fashion and your craft?
S: Style icon is definitely Nick Wooster. I greatly admire his originality. As far as photographers there are so many I admire but if I had to pick one it would be Irving Penn. He was really before his time and had an amazing ability to tell stories with images.
D: What bag are you wearing and whats inside.
S: The Black Label Treecycle Messenger. Inside I have Car Keys, Macbook Pro 15", A Bunch of Sharpies, Canon 7d DSLR, iPhone 5S, Canon 50mm 1.8 lens, Lens Cleaner, MollaSpace Peeping Notebook, Canon Battery Charger, Mini LED Flashlight, and Transcend Card Reader.
D: You mentioned being inspired by music, what album is on rotation is your head space right now.
S: Settle by Disclosure. Not only in rotation in my head but in every electronic device I have.