5 Wackiest X-Mas Flicks

We have put together a list of unappreciated, forgotten, and straight up wacky Christmas Movies. Some are sweet, some funny, others scary, these are the not so classic but equally great Yuletime Cinematic treats we have compiled for ya to put a little quirk in your usual Christmas Step.

1. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, 2010, Jalmari Helander, Rated R
Probably the weirdest and scariest movie on the list being both foreign and about a maniacal Santa with a Goonies vibe throughout.

2. Scrooged, 1988, Richard Donner, PG-13
Second Weirdest movie on the list with Bill Murray, which makes anything good, a t.v. ghost of Christmas Past, Buster Pointdexter a.k.a. David Johansen lead singer of the New York Dolls, and a score by original wacko Danny Elfman. It's just a very strange retelling of Dickens' A Christmas Carol and very worth seeing!

3. Mixed Nuts, 1994, Nora Ephron, PG-13
The best movie about an Orphan Christmas and an awesome metaphor for diversity and tradition coming together. An truly wacky comedy starring Steve Martin, Liev Schreiber as a cross-dresser, and a pregnant Juliet Lewis. Based on the french cult film Le Pere Noel est une order but much funnier thanks of course to the aforementioned Steve Martin.

4. Brazil, 1985, Terry Gilliam, Rated R
Possibly the weirdest movie ever made and equally influenced by thee weirdest movie ever made(Dali's Un Chen Andeliu). A tale of a man searching for the girl of his dreams, literally of his dreams, through a dystopian city-scape of course set during Christmas time. This film actually has whole books written about it.

5. The Ref, 1994, Ted Demme, Rated R
The late Demme directed this early on his career and showed how great he really was. About a dysfunctional relationship, so dysfunctional that it saves them in a hostage crisis on Christmas Eve. Probably the Darkest Comedy on this least.

That's all folks, now cozy up with your family and watch your favorite Christmas Movies!!!