We, like most, are pretty sick of seeing the worst in people every Black Friday. The day after we are all supposed to get together and be thankful we go out and behave like crazy people. We love to shop just as much as the next boy and girl but we thought maybe we could give back a little and bring an overall fun spirit to the day.

We usually don't offer a store wide discount at our retail stores but this year we are giving out 20% to all who bring in a can (or more please...) to donate to Second Harvest Food Bank on Black Friday. It's not much but we think every bit counts.

In our Santa Ana Retail Store our Marketing Director Carin and Graphic Designer Jenny put together a little Seatbeltbag made of cans to promote the event and it may just give a clue to something that just may be coming out on Black Friday?

We hope to see you all bright and early this Friday and we hope to get a lot of food!