Get Checked!

Here at Harveys we have teamed up with one of the most creative and innovative charities in the past few years, the Keep A Breast Foundation. We have loved working with them and love the way they have been able to turn something very serious and quite often not talked about into a very vibrant and lively movement, taking advantage of art, fashion, and social media. Our Get Checked Collection is another way to spread awareness while looking good, with $75 of the purchase price of the Mini Messenger will be donated and 10% of the purchase price of the accessories will also be donated to Keep a Breast! Check out the collection on our website @ Get Checked Collection and check out the Keep a Breast Facebook as they are giving away 5 of one of the items in collection. Check it out and Check Your Self!

P.S. The Mini Messenger comes with one of the Check Your Self bracelets that our Design Assistant Erin is wearing in the picture above!