New Girl

Actually, anyone that knows Erin Webster knows that she isn't actually new to Harveys, but she IS pretty new to our design department.

The current design team: Cheryl (left), Erin (center), and me (right)

Just did a little interview with Erin to talk about what we've been calling "Erin's Harveys Journey."  Like all journeys, this one starts at the verrry beginning.  Or at least, close to it.


Harveys: When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Erin: I wanted to be a fashion designer....or a ballerina.  My mom was a dancer, and her mom was a dancer, so I grew up doing all forms of dance, competing nationally and regionally.  I even did some professional dancing, but that's not worth mentioning. [EDITOR'S NOTE: We'll decide what's worth mentioning, Erin ;)]

Ballerina....fashion designer....ballerina....fashion designer.
Glad you stuck with fashion design, Erin!  Anyone else see little Erin channeling Audrey Hepburn?

As for fashion, I used to stay up late at night and go through all of my grandma's old fashion magazines, making collages, and drawing dresses.  I ended up incorporating fashion into dance and designed dance costumes for myself and my dance team.  Once I learned how to sew a bit, I started making the costumes, too.  I always thought they turned out well, but I'm sure there were a couple of dance performances that were painful for my mom to sit through. 

Center: Erin getting her very first sewing machine.  Right: Erin wearing one of her very own dance creations. 

H: How did you first hear about Harveys?

E: My aunt bought me my first Harveys bag---a Small Tote Snap in Black.  I LOVED it!  I've always loved things that are made using unique materials, and Seatbeltbags definitely fall in that category. 

H: When did you start working for Harveys?

E: I was going to school at Cal State Fullerton, and my stepdad was giving me a hard time because I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with my life.  I started looking up internships, and a marketing internship for Harveys popped up.  I always loved Harveys, but never considered working there.  I applied immediately, and was interviewed by Ashley, who is now the Marketing Manager.  In the middle of our interview, there was a scratching at the door.  Ashley opened up the door and Rocky, the Harveys' boxer, walked in, sniffed me, and then walked out.  I'm sure Ashley had something to do with the decision to hire me, but I like to think that Rocky did, too. 

Erin, during her 2011 internship, posing with coworkers Chris and Dolores at our Barbie release party!

H: What was your internship like?

E: It was super fun, and definitely my first glimpse into the "big girl" world.  I got to help out with photoshoots, research, screen-printing, button-making...you know, intern stuff.  

H: Well, all internships must come to an end at some point.  What did you do once yours was over?

E: Ashley let me know that a position had opened up at the Santa Ana retail store and encouraged me to interview for it.  Of course, I did.  I got the position, and worked at the retail store for two and a half years.  I LOVED IT!  I have a lot of fun interacting with our customers, who are such unique people.  It didn't feel like work.  After a little while, I also got to start working on merchandising for the store, first with [my coworker] Chris, and then more and more on my own.

Erin's crowning achievement at our retail store?  
Designing and implementing these colorful employee uniforms.  Juuuuust kidding.  
This is Erin as "God's gift to the world" for our Halloween LTD event last year.

H: How did you get from working at the retail store to working in our design department?

E: I started working more and more with Corporate employees at our race events, and since they noticed that I had a knack for merchandising, they asked me to consult with them on the merchandising for an upcoming season.  I made a few recommendations, which they liked, so they asked me to help with the following season, too.  Soon after that, a position opened up in the department for a design assistant and I got it!

Erin, posing with Brittany Guppy, our Chino Hills store manager, at one of Harveys' race events.

H: Where do you see your design career going?

E: I never imagined that I would be working in the design department.  Positions rarely open up, so it really wasn't on my radar.  I'm loving design, and am looking for opportunities to work my love of merchandising in a little---maybe also working with our marketing department to design and merchandise displays, tradeshow booths, etc.

Girl loves her sweets.

H: What do you think you're going to be like as an old lady?

E: I don't have much of a filter now, but I DEFINITELY won't have one then.  I'll probably scream out inappropriate things at inappropriate times.  I'll also probably take advantage of being able to eat as many sweets as possible.

H: Do you have any secrets that you're dying to let out?

E: I designed a bag during my interview that may possibly be coming out in a future season!  Fingers crossed!


Thanks for the interview, Erin!  Can't wait to see what your Harveys future has in store for all of us!