First Friday: Inside Scoop!

Happy First Friday!
First Friday always means there's a new product release, which is pretty exciting stuff, even for those of us at Harveys that have seen these bags for a few months already.  It's our first chance to hear what our customers think!

On the SeatbeltBLOG, First Friday is a chance for us to share a little MORE about the collection.


For this month's First Friday: Inside Scoop!, each member of our Wholesale Sales team is sharing what their favorite FF item is, starting with Paul!

PAUL JAUREQUI, Wholesale Sales Director - Black Label Messenger

Paul: "I love this Messenger---it's sleek and super functional.  It's probably the lightest Seatbeltbag I have ever carried, and I carry a LOT around.  Right now, I'm carrying around my laptop, planner, chewing gum, WAY too many pens for one person, headphones, eyeglasses and of course, Andy Cohen's new book.  My favorite features are the grab handle and all of the interior pockets."  [get your own Black Label Messenger]

*PAUL CASTING BONUS* Who would Paul cast to play the role of the Black Label Messenger in a movie? Robert Downey, Jr.

ALLISON FRIDAY, National Sales Rep - Sophia Tote in Black

Allison, with the Sophia Tote.  She's got her pose DOWN!

Allison: "I love, love, LOVE the braided handles and pleat detail on the Sophia Tote!  It's a fun spin on our Seatbeltbags, and I love that I can wear the Sophia Tote hands-free when I'm on the run.  Our design team just keeps coming back with more and more amazing things, and I think, 'Wait! Now you've got something MORE amazing than last season?'  I'm usually a compulsive purse switcher, but I've been wearing the Sophia Tote for a while, and I'm still in love.  My customers have been so excited to get it on their shelves, and my friends keep asking me when Sophia will finally be released!  Now I can tell them. TODAY!" [get your own Sophia Tote]

*PAUL CASTING BONUS* Who would Paul cast to play the role of the Sophia Tote in a movie? Fittingly, Sofia Vergara.

IRENE BARKER, Wholesale Customer Service Rep - Marilyn Tote in Python

Irene: "I love the Marilyn Tote in Python!  The outside pockets are awesome for easy access so I can grab my phone without having to search through my bag. Plus, I get to keep my favorite MAC lip gloss in there, too!  Of course, I would prefer the Python print in purple (um, yeah...I want everything to be purple), but I love Python mixed with Cognac and Peony, too.  Normally, I hate snakes, but this one I can handle!"  [get your own Marilyn Tote in Python]

*PAUL CASTING BONUS* Who would Paul cast to play the role of the Marilyn Tote in Python in a movie? Jessica Simpson.

Alright, let's hear it---which item on this First Friday is YOUR favorite?