10 Reasons Patchwork RULED

I probably say this every time, but I really think this year's Patchwork might have been the best one yet. Need some backup?  I don't blame you---there are some pretty sketchy claims out there:

1. We made an awesome craft---I'm all about reusable coffee mugs, and this little DIY project let everyone create a "Patchwork-Seatbeltbag" version of their very own.

2. ALL proceeds from the mug-making went to the Bicycle Tree! Who?  These guys and gals:

  3. We released our newest Patchwork collection (a Harveys for Disney Couture edition!) and gave away awesome Mickey Seatbelt Strap Totes for each one purchased at the event.

 4. We picked your Seatbeltbag-lovin' brains, and ended up with some awesome ideas---Watermelon Surprise, anyone?

5. This happened:

6. This Collie came by the Harveys booth:

Actually, he was probably just using us to get closer to these guys:

 7. There were some awesome eats---did anyone else check out (and LOVE) Seabird's Truck??

8. There were TONS of awesome vendors:

 9. I got to snoop inside Seatbeltbags---and hit the jackpot!

 10. And, most importantly, we got to hang out and craft with our customers!

See?  I told you it was good.  

Don't be shy---what was your favorite thing about this year's Patchwork event?