POP of Color Contest!

I've been paying attention to the way people wear color, and it seems like people tend to fall into one of two camps:

1. Matchy-matchy - Everything is color-coordinated.  In handbag terms, your purse definitely matches the rest of your outfit.  

Matchy-matchy, but still pretty cute.

2. Pop of color - pieces stand alone, and bold accessories don't necessarily have to match the rest of the outfit.  

POP of Color!

Now, there's nothing wrong with being matchy-matchy, but there's something awesomely refreshing about a bold accessory.  Harveys doesn't shy away from bright, bold handbags, because we want them to POP!

So, in the spirit of embracing the bold, we're launching a "POP of Color contest."  Send in a photo of yourself and the way you let your bright Seatbeltbag POP to contest@seatbeltbags.com, and you can be one of three winners!  

First place wins a Large Satchel, second place wins a Classic Wallet, and third place wins a Rosette in any solid color available on our website

Photos must be submitted to contest@seatbeltbags.com by 4/22/13 by 5pm PDT to qualify.

Good luck, and happy color-popping!