POP of Color Contest Winners!

Ready to see who the POP of Color contest winners are??

Alright, let's do this! Here they are:

In 3rd place,Veronica, with her bright Boxy! Congratulations! You win a Rosette in your favorite *Pop of Color.

Veronica's Grandma writes: This is Veronica (my grandaughter). She is 10 and owns just as many of her own Harveys Seatbeltbags...this is one of her favorite bags. She loves bright colors, as you can tell from her shirt, and she does not care that she does not match..her room is lime green and orange!  The hunt is on for her next bag...something in pinto!!

In 2nd place, Erin L. with her beautiful Paint by Numbers. Congratulations! You win a Classic Wallet in your favorite *Pop of Color.

Erin writes: My "pop of color" photo is Paint by Numbers. My all time favorite bag from Harveys. There's enough color in that beauty to make anyone's head turn. It can be matchy-matchy or just around to add that splash to a blah outfit. Especially when you head out of town and don't want to worry what bag goes with what, you pretty much only need PBN. This is the bag I get the most compliments on. Love love LOVE!

And 1st place goes to Karen M. and her daughter Carly! Congratulations! You win a Large Satchel in your favorite *Pop of Color.

Karen writes: Here is a photo of my daughter, Carly, and me using our Harveys bags to bring some color to our Easter outfits.

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to EVERYONE that sent in photos---you brightened up the past week!!  If you are one of the three winners shown above, we will be contacting you to get the scoop on your prize picks.
*Pop of Color prize picks based on solid colors currently available on our website.