Behind the Scenes - Our Spring Photoshoot!

Now that you've seen our entire Spring collection, we thought it would be cool to take you behind the scenes of our Spring Photoshoot!

The photoshoot took place at the Heritage Museum of Orange County which we discovered when we were researching places for the shoot.  We knew we wanted an outdoors location, and loved that the Museum not only has beautiful gardens, but also features a couple of historic homes from Santa Ana that were moved from their original locations to make way for development.  Kind of a bummer they had to move, but it's awesome that they're still around for people to appreciate!

Above, Katrina sits on the porch of the Maag House, one of two historic Santa Ana homes that are part of the Heritage Museum.

Above, Katrina sitting on the railing of the Kellogg House.

The museum is open for visits and tours, and is totally worth checking out if you live in the area, or if you happen to be in the area...you know, for a Harveys event!