Q&A with Harveys' model Katrina!

You know what they say---behind every amazing Seatbeltbag, there's an amazing model!  We've been working with model Katrina Amato since 2006, and her contagious smile, incredible versatility, and unique good looks have made her a favorite among Harveys fans and staff.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Katrina, and we're sharing our interview with you, along with images from past photoshoots.  Enjoy!

Harveys: We hear you've been modelling for a long time.  Can you tell us a little bit about when you first started modelling?
Katrina: Well, I started modelling when I was 14.  I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and was more or less scouted.  I went to a modelling convention that a friend ran, and got a lot of positive response from agents in the US and internationally.  One of my first modelling jobs was for Kohl's, which was based out of nearby Milwaukee, which is so funny, because as a teenager, it was something that I was really embarrassed about.  Friends would see their ads in the Sunday paper, and would ask if I was the model, and I would beg them not to tell anyone!  Now, looking back, that's the type of gig so many models would love to have! After that, I flew out to New York with my parents to meet with agents that wanted me to fly out to Milan, but my parents wouldn't have it, so we came back home, and signed with an agency out of Chicago, instead.

H: You have such an interesting look, Katrina!  We're all a little curious---what's your ethnic background?
K: I get that a lot!  At some jobs, I'll get approached by someone who tells me that everyone has taken bets on where I'm from.  People don't realize this, but Madison, Wisconsin is actually a very diverse place.  My father is Sicilian (which can be a whole mix of things, really), and my mom is Irish and German. 

H: When did you move out to California, and why?
K: I've been dancing my whole life, and came to California in 2003 when I was accepted into Cal State Long Beach's highly competitive dance program, which was ranked in the top 4 dance programs at the time.  For my first year there, I took a break from modelling so I could have a "normal" college experience, and I loved it.  Before my second year started at CSULB, I went back home and drove my own car back with me, and then signed with Brand Models out of Santa Ana, an agency which I have so much love and respect for!  They're also the reason I got my first modelling job with Harveys.

H: What other modelling work have you done that might be familiar?
K: Let's see---I've done commercial work for lots of companies, including Clinique Cosmetics, GMC, Heineken, and I have a few commercials coming up for Chevrolet.  I've also gotten a lot of yoga-related print work for yoga and active-wear companies because of my personal experience in yoga.
H: That's awesome!  What can you tell us about your yoga experience?
K: I've actually been teaching yoga for the past 7 years. I fell into yoga after having had a lot of injuries through college related to dance, and yoga really saved me.  It's a huge passion of mine, because it really helps people physically and mentally.  I recently launched BeYoutiful Life, which incorporates yoga, dance and photography in a way to help transform people's lives from the inside out, and encourages women to express their authentic inner beauty and to be themselves.  It also helps guide and inform young models and their families to make sure that they're able to lead healthy, successful modelling careers, since I've been there myself!

H: What is your favorite photoshoot with Harveys?
K: Not sure I can pick a favorite---the photoshoots just keep getting better and better!  The current team that works on the shoots (Harveys creative staff, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists) are amazing to work with, and it's gotten to a point where it really doesn't feel like work.  We all know each other so well; we know what works, and what doesn't, so it's more about the excitement of seeing the new bags and what the inspiration behind the shoot will be.   One photoshoot that was especially memorable was the one we did for the Barbie bags.  We shot at the home of a prominent Barbie collector, and we were all just completely blown away by her amazing collection, which included an entire room full of vintage Barbie dolls on display!

H: Do you have a favorite Harveys bag?
K: I literally take my Madison bag with me everywhere I go!  When I first saw it, I knew I had to have it, since I'm from Madison, WI.  Aside from that, it's gorgeous, lightweight, and the perfect size to take with me anywhere, even to the airport!  A few of my friends and family members got Madison, too, so we all have matching Harveys bags.

H: We love Madison! Anything else you want to share with us?
K: Just that I love working with Harveys---the shoots are so playful, fun, and allow me to be myself!  That's what Harveys is all about, and that's what I want to encourage in young women through my modelling and my new venture---be yourself, and be happy.  That's what real beauty is all about!