What's in your Seatbeltbag?

I was hanging out at our Valentine's Day shopping event, and I got to talking with Lacey, one of our awesome Harveys fans, about what she can fit in her Seatbeltbag. Before I could blink (girl operates at light speed), she carefully displayed everything she had in her Seatbeltbag so I could take a picture. Obviously, I was pretty proud that most of the stuff in her bag was Harveys (and super color-coordinated), but it also got me curious about what some of our other fans have squirreled away in their Harveys bags.

What can you fit in your Seatbeltbag? Can't wait to check it out.  Enable a little bit of voyeurism and send me a pic of what you have in your Seatbeltbag to contest@seatbeltbags.com.

Annnnnnnd, to make it interesting... I'll randomly pick 3 people to win a Seatbeltbag of their choice!

So, you get to sending in those pics, and I'll announce the winners on February 28th at 12PM PST!