What's your favorite app?

The other day I was showing off my favorite app Toobz and it got me thinking... I wonder what everyone's favorite app is in the office? I decided to ask around and found out about some awesome apps! 

Our Associate Designer, Cheryl, is a little obsessed with the My Fitness Pal app. "My Fitness Pal is my favorite app on the iPhone. Not only does this app let me keep my diet on track with friends, it also tells me how many calories to eat each day and has an extensive library of the foods I eat stored in it. The best part is that is tracks how many calories I burn while working out!"

Our President, Joe, is always playing music from Pandora. "There is a station for all occasions, that's why I love Pandora. I use it when entertaining, working, relaxing, working out, etc."

Our Marketing Assistant, Amanda, is always making collages with her Diptic app. "Diptic is my favorite app! I love that I can put my pictures from whatever I'm doing all together in one collage. This puts all my memories together in one image. It's the perfect way to show my pictures off!"

Our Operations Coordinator, Irene, loves instagram. "I LOVE instagram because I love to take pictures! And I like all the different filters and that I can share my photos."

Our Chief Operations officer, Nicole, is loving the Mint iPhone app. "This app is amazing! It helps me to monitor my finances, budget, and savings goals. I am more responsible with saving money when I have a handle on what I'm spending."

Our National Sales Representative, Allison, is addicted to Shazam. "I'm always downloading new songs from my playlist. Music fuels the sales team who is always playing it nice and loud!"

As I mentioned before, my favorite app is Toobz. I just like zoning out and playing this silly game, it keeps my mind busy so I can think. 

So, I gotta ask, what's your favorite app?