A Trip down Memory Lane

2012 marked our 15th Anniversary... we can't believe it! To celebrate we created special 15th Anniversary Seatbeltbags designed to commend significant milestones over the years. Here they all are...
The Detroit Tote was released in March, our official anniversary month. This Seatbeltbag was made to look like the original Seatbeltbag that I made for Melanie in our garage. 

The Mother's Day Carriage Ring Tote was released in April and designed for Melanie by me. It included a one-of-a-kind tattoo-inspired swallow design that was created by my favorite tattoo artists, Sid. The design featured two swallows representing Marilyn and Lily Harvey, our daughters. The bag also featured a special poem I wrote to Melanie that was screened onto the interior lining.
The SeatbeltBug was released in June. Developing the technology to print onto seatbelts took us years, but in 2006 we figured it out. The SeatbeltBug was our first print ever released.
The Favorite Things Tote was all about Melanie! It included a fun x-ray sketched print on the front with all of Melanie's favorite things, a camera, sunglasses, clutch wallet, Minnie wristlet with camera inside, iPhone, keys with click-n-go wristlet, sunscreen, and more. When this one was completed Melanie was SO excited. 
The first Paint by Numbers Seatbeltbag was released in 2005 as part of a art exhibit and was an instant hit, so we brought it back in July with a new mix of Summer colors. This Seatbeltbag included a special canvas hangtag explaining the history of the paint by numbers collections. 

In August we released Orange Crush. It was named after one of the busiest freeway interchanges in the world and home of the original Seatbeltbag. 

For our 15th Anniversary Melanie had the idea of a canvas tote with one of her favorite Seatbeltbags printed on it. Trompe L'oeil was released in September. 

In October, the Wedding Set was released that was dedicated to my and Melanie's October 29th wedding anniversary. It included a Carriage Ring Tote with our wedding picture printed onto the front and a Minnie wristlet with another wedding picture in sepia tones printed on the front. This set was a true collectors item. 
The Little Messenger was released in November and was inspired by our daughters Marilyn and Lily. We had created a Little collection years ago just for our girls, but our fans liked them so much that we make more!  
We know how much our fans love our Minnie wristlets, so in December we included one in our 15th Anniversary collection. The Minnie Wristlet was in red seatbelt with an adorable 15th Anniversary rhinestone crest applique. 

We had so much fun taking a trip down memory lane when creating these Seatbeltbags and LOVED seeing our amazing fans reactions to the bags. 

Five more years and it will be our 20th Anniversary! Which Seatbeltbag would you want to see then?