DIY: Harveys inspired gift wrap

Our amazing Graphic Designer Nancy Chiu came up with this adorable Harveys inspired gift wrap idea just in time for the Holidays! And guess what, she's broken it down so you can do it yourself. 

 Step 1: Cut out a 3" band of paper. Make sure it is long enough to wrap around the box you intend to decorate. This way you can hide the seam on the bottom. 
 Step 2: Wrap the band tightly around the box. Mark the top edges of the box on the band (I'm using white pencil so that the marks are more visible on the paper). This is the area where you'll be making the weave. 
 Step 3: Fold the band along the white marks firmly. Now you can see a clear area for the weave. Start making slits every half an inch. 
 Step 4: Now that you have the slits, you're ready to weave! Cut out five paper strips that are half an inch wide. Weave them through the slits, alternating the weave of each strip. Repeat until you finish all the strips.
 Step 5: When you're done with the weave, secure it with tape on the back. Then, trim off the excess.
 And voila! Wrap it around any gift to make it extra dressy and extra Harveys! 
Happy Holidays!