I hope everyone is loving the new Holiday 2012 collection. I thought I would share the era that inspired us, the glamourous Roaring 20's: when the prohibition was in full force and flappers roamed the streets looking for the next Speakeasy. In fact, that's what we named the collection, Speakeasy.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald sums up the era. I can't wait for the new movie coming out soon.
The Arm Candy collection was inspired by The Flapper. 
These women were bold and brass, with their new found freedom to vote and drive, nothing was holding them back. They took risks with fashion, hairstyles, makeup, and frequented the speakeasies
  Clara Bow was a super star of silent movies in the 1920's. If you were wondering where the term "it" girl came from, well she was "it" (no pun intended)
Since she was so iconic in the 1920's we decided to make a brand new platform inspired by her. Side-by-side stitched seatbelt with an oversized bow in all black with a fun gold leopard lining. Chic and fun, just like Clara Bow! 
Coco Chanel had a HUGE influence on the 1920's too, so we had to pay homage to her with the Pearl Trompe L'Oiel tote. Being such a huge fan of pearls, we think she would have loved it! 
The 1920's inspired everything in our Holiday 2012 collection. What do you think should inspire us next?