The "DL" on Jack & Sal!

Deciding on a concept for our Disney Seatbeltbag Collection is always a lot of fun. We get to work with our talented Disney friends and really let the characters inspire us. 

Our 2012 Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas collection was no exception. This year, we we were inspired by Jack Skellington's pinstripe suit and his love, Sally's patchwork dress. It may sound like an easy thing to recreate... but man, it took many-a "mock-ups" to figure out.

Jack is known for his vertical black and white pinstripe suit. Ya, so? Well, Seatbeltbags are woven. The challenge was figuring out how to have a woven Seatbeltbag with all vertical stripes. 

(queue light bulb icon) If the stripes are ran horizontal on one side and vertical on the other, then when it is woven it will look like a complete vertical print!

If you look closely you can see that the print is going horizontal and vertical.
The Jack Convertible Tote
Sally was a whhhhhhole other challenge! Not only did we want to recreate the amazing artwork of her patchwork dress, but printing that many colors onto seatbelt was a first for us. The first step was to figure out to what length we could repeat the print, yet still have it weave up in a patchwork pattern.

After multiple comps we finally came up with a print that we liked, but something was missing. We needed to add stitch marks to both edges of the seatbelt to bring it all together. Once the print was woven it looked like individual patches. 

This print has a longer repeat than any other we've done. Notice the stitch marks?
Sometimes it takes "thinking outside of the box" to make an awesome print look great in our classic woven design. We think the result was SO worth our hard work! 

(left to right) Sally Clutch Wallet, Sally Messenger, Sally Baguette, and Sally Large Make-up Case

The 2012 Nightmare Before Christmas collection took our work to the next level and we can't wait to keep pushing the envelope with future designs! 

Now here is the tough question... Which is your favorite, Jack or Sally? 

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