So long Summer

It's Labor Day weekend and you know what that means? Yep, the end of summer.
 The OC FAIR is the corner stone to our Summer every year. I thought I'd share a few pics from our visit this year.
Melanie entered her homemade Spicy Beef Jerky, and she not only took first place in her category but she also won a special award... Division Winner! I'm so proud of her. She used her late father's recipe and calls it "Chapman's Revenge". That's her maiden name.
 It was on display in the Home section
Melanie collects vintage aprons so she loved this display.
There was a home brewed beer contest with 100's of entries
"99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer."
I bet the judges had a good time picking the winners for this contest. Maybe they ate some of Melanie's Beef jerky while they were trying all the different brews... Tough job.
Our operations coordinator, Irene Barker is always baking treats to bring into the office. She entered her yummy snicker doodles and took 1st place.
The girls kept cool with these hand painted fans that they begged and begged for until I finally broke down.
I guess they deserved it, after all they did win a blue ribbon award for their heart rock collection.
Where ever we go they are always on the lookout for heart shaped rocks. Sometimes you have to stretch your imagination, "Sure hon, that looks just like a heart"
Marilyn performed her dance routine on the outside stage.
I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend.