The History of Harveys for Disney Couture

Since we just released our newest Harveys for Disney Couture collection, Mickey loves Minnie, we thought it would be fun to look back at all the Disney collections we've made over the years. 

Winter 2008 was when we launched our first Harveys for Disney Couture Seatbeltbag collection. This collection included the Black and White and Color Comic Strip. This particular comic strip tells the story of Mickey seeking the attention of Minnie by serenading her. These Seatbeltbags included Disney details with Mickey ears zipper pull, mickey dangles, and red Harveys monogrammed lining with Mickey screen print. The color comic strip eventually became our Core Disney collection.

Because our first Harveys for Disney Couture Seatbeltbag collection sold so well, we we're able to create two new collectiosn for Summer 2009. These Seatbeltbags were Disney Americano and Disney MCKY. 

In Summer 2010 we came out with another collection dedicated to Steamboat Willie. This collection came in three different silhouettes, the Mini Messenger, Berkeley Bucket Tote, and Medium Rope Tote. They included gray Harveys monogrammed lining with white steamboat willie screen print. The rope accent on these Seatbeltbag really added that sailor feel.

In Fall 2010 one of our cutest collections for Disney Couture was released, the Minnie Mouse collection. This collection included red with white polka dot seatbelts, black accents and black seatbeltbow. This collection was such a hit, that it also became a part of our core collection for Disney.

In Fall 2011 we had the awesome opportunity to make a collection for Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. We had so much fun coming up with these designs! 

Our most recent Harveys for Disney Couture collection was released July 2012 First Friday, Mickey loves Minnie. This collection is all about Mickey and Minnie showing their love for one another. 

We've had so much fun coming up with each of these Harveys for Disney Couture Seatbeltbag designs. We'll see where Disney takes us next. Stay tuned...