POPULAR! You're gonna be popular!

1. Black Lola Satchel - The Lola Satchel is one of our most sought after Seatbeltbags. Her adorable ruffle accents, braided handles, and black nickel Harveys engraved rings give her a girly feel. She's also practical... big enough to carry your clutch wallet. large make-up case, sunglass case, cell phone, keys, and other essentials. Her braided handles can be worn on the forearm and there is also an adjustable strap included for convenience. Hubby, hubby, Lola! 

2. Storm Large Tote - When Storm originally launched in 2007 it quickly became one of our most popular colors. It's ultimate grey... perfect for summer, spring, fall, or winter! The Large Tote is a fave amongst this collection. She features the iconic woven design and is big enough to fit all your essentials; clutch wallet, large make-up case, sunglass case, cell phone, iPad, and more. Her seatbelt straps are long enough to fit over the shoulder and her metal feet provide protection against rough surfaces and dirt. Our very own fifty-shades ;)

3. Black Hipster - The Hipster is totally popular because it's a 4-fer. A 4-fer? Yes! She can sit on you hip, like a fanny pack. She can hang from your shoulder like a purse. She can swing from your wrist like a clutch. And she can hide inside another Seatbeltbag like a wallet. Her interior is big enough to fit your small items (money, ID, credit cards, lip gloss, keys, and cell phone) and keeps you super organized. She might be little, but she's super mighty! 

4. Treecycle Large Satchel - Our Treecycle collection is our eco-friendly line of Seatbeltbags. What happens is, every year millions of yards of seatbelt are tossed into our landfills because they don’t meet automotive standards. What a better way to prevent this from happening than to make beautiful Seatbeltbags with these discarded materials. This line is made of 100% reclaimed seatbelts, organic hemp lining, and water-based inks. The Large Satchel silhouette includes our classic woven design with different earth tone colored seatbelts. Her silhouette is big enough to fit anything you might need; the clutch wallet, large or small make-up case, cell phone, keys, sunglass case, and more. Her dual seatbelt handles are long enough to fit over the shoulder, and her metal feet on her bas protect from damage and dirt.  Peace out, flower child!

5. Black Stella HoboThe Stella Satchel stole the spotlight back at her original launch during Holiday 2011. She’s a sleek looking Seatbeltbag with a woven base and vertically stitched trunk giving her a tear-drop shape. She includes rounded seatbelt handles and nickel Harveys engraved rings. The handles are long enough to fit over the shoulder or on your forearm. Her magnetic closure makes it easy to get in and out of. She is also big enough to fit all your essentials; clutch wallet, large make-up case, cell phone, sunglass case, etc. You go, girl!