Detroit LTD Release

It's been a week since the LTD release at City Style, and I'm finally getting around to posting some pics from our weekend in Detroit. 
 The event was scheduled to start in Detroit at 11:00am simultaneously with Santa Ana @ 8:00am. Here I am installing some last minute decals on the window of City Style
 There is normally snow this time of year in Detroit, so there was a tent set up outside, although we didn't need it. It was sunny and warm, you couldn't ask for better weather, and it was raining in Santa Ana.
There were some yummy themed treats to help celebrate the LTD's... Red Velvet Cupcakes
Bubble Gum Pink and Maliblue Cotton Candy
And Yummy Chocolate, hand dipped Strawberries and Apple slices
Chocolate H, anyone
...and of course, Green Solo Cups for the Green Beer.
 This is the City Style Mascot car, in which, I got to take a ride around Detroit but more on that later.
The "Made In Detroit" label was started by Kid Rock and benefits Children's Charities. 
The Detroit in Detroit. They completely sold out at the event, but I'm not surprised.
The crew at City Style was amazing. I can't wait to go back and hang out with everyone again.
The Duster Bags
These metal signs were so cool. I would love to do some HARVEYS signs just like them.

 Carrie had our bumper sticker displayed on the wall. We need to make more of those.
OMG, two cute.
Time to unveil the LTD's. It's always fun to see the reactions to the new bags. We've been working on them for a year so believe me, I'm just as excited as you girls.
I think everyone liked them...
 ...and now the hard part, which one do I want.
 Paul, handing out the LTD numbers

 I loved meeting everyone and they were so nice. 
 Having the release on St. Patrick's day was super fun.

 As soon as the doors opened, everyone poured in. 

Wow, these were some items that we sold back when we turned 10. I can't believe she still had them, and still in the original packaging. 

 After the event was over, Jeff took me for a ride in the Sunbeam Tiger. BTW, when I was a kid, one of my favorite TV shows was "Get Smart" and he drove a Sunbeam too.
I really enjoyed my time in Detroit. Thank you so much to everyone that voted. The best part of Detroit was definitely the people and I can't wait to go back.