You Complete Me

Lacey J. sent in this picture that she took of her complete collection of LTD bags. Yes you read correctly, her COMPLETE collection of LTD bags. I know, can you even believe it? We don't even have a complete collection of LTD bags. We try to save one of each but sometimes they get misplaced or grow legs... Anyway, I thought I would share this since it's probably the only shot I've ever seen of all of these bags together in one place. 
Very Impressive Lacey. She wrote:
The complete set of my literal "Happy Place". This may sound a bit
strange but Harveys LTD bags are my happy place.  They are normally
displayed in my hallways on an over-the-door system.  I sometimes sit
in the Hallway surrounded by the riot of bright happy colors and it
makes me smile. Thanks for making such a great product!
Well, thank you so much for sharing your "Happy Place" with us Lacey. This photo put a smile on my face and I love making bags for all of you.