Charming Shoppe

Charming Shoppe is located in Old Town Orange and carries a great assortment of our bags and accessories. This past Saturday they hosted a special Holiday Event they called "Hanging with the Harveys".

And that's just what Melanie and I did, Hang Out.
There was a big assortment of printed paper strips and everyone was invited to create their very own Seatbeltbag design and then name it.
The guys were having a lot of fun helping out too.
While everyone was working on their masterpieces, we headed inside to check things out.
They had a great display of all of our bags.
Heather and Adrienne did a wonderful job organizing everything. A big thanks to Allison for helping out too.
The red Rosette and matching Clipa looked great on this Studly. It's always fun to see the different ways that you accessories your bags.
Once everyone was finished they placed their bags on the shelf for silent voting
And the lucky winner was Kisha with her Grape Haze design. She received a Disney Mini Messenger, a Charming Shoppe exclusive, and the bag that Melanie and I did with the Paper Strips.
Then it was on to the next craft project... there was tons of holiday decorations on hand to create  "Holiday Bling" for your bags.
It was a lot of fun seeing what everyone came up.
Everyone was feeling the spirit of Christmas
Bella M. even recruited her kids
They did a very good job too.
Everyone posed with there bags before the voting began.
The finalists
And the winner is...
Selah, with her red and green creation on her Tennis Pro LTD.
There was drawing for all those that RSVP'd via facebook. The first name that was drawn wasn't present so it went to...
Ted and I must say it looked great on him.
One more prize was given for the person with the most correct answers to the HARVEYS trivia questions. Congrats Smantha. She won a Barbie Kiss Carriage Hobo.
Thank you everyone that came out, we really enjoyed hanging out with you all.

 And thanks Adrienne and Heather for Hosting such a fun event.