Behind the Seatbeltbags - Studly

...On this Seatbeltblog edition of Behind the Seatbeltbags, meet Studly!

We've been toying with stud applique for quite some time now and while experimenting with using our Harveys engraved protective metal feet on our Seatbeltdog collection, we realized that we could also use them on other parts of a Seatbeltbag silhouette! We made a sample that we later offered as an auction item and everyone really liked it so we decided to turn it into a fun collection for all of you!

I decided to bring it out in the baguette for the holiday season but Melanie thought it would be great to offer a new silhouette so we modeled our Studly Satchel after the Lola Satchel silhouette. Instead of dainty ruffles, we pumped up the volume and added 6 rows of studs!

Melanie about died, she loved it to much! She used the sample for several weeks and fell in love with it even more so we knew we had to make them for all of you!

Each Stud on Studly Seatbeltbags is lovingly applied by hand and with our very own custom-built heavy-duty rivet machine!

Studly Seatbeltbags take extra care and time to produce. It takes time to look this good!

The Studly Satchel comes with an adjustable strap so this silhouette has a cross-body option!

...but it also looks great on the forearm!

Our Studly Baguette is the perfect size to tote over the shoulder at a stylish holiday soiree!

We even added a fun Studly Cuff to the collection because we couldn't resist and were having too much fun with the studs!

We hope everyone is enjoying our holiday 2011 collection of Harveys Original Seatbeltbags!

 ...Until the next Seatbeltblog edition of Behind the Seatbeltbags; have a great weekend, everyone!