Diamonds & Pearls

Christopher, my Customer Service Manager, came into the office today beaming about the Elizabeth Taylor exhibit he went to last weekend. The photos he shared were so cool that I wanted to share them with all of you. I’ll let him take it from here:

"Hey everyone! Some friends and I went to The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor @ Moca in Los Angeles, Ca last weekend. Each of us is around the age of 30 and we each recall growing up with the name Elizabeth Taylor in our households. It was especially a big name in my own house because I grew up surrounded by women and they all were in love with her. I remember the Elizabeth Taylor books lying around the house, the movies being watched & even the White Diamonds perfume in the bathrooms. It was like that. J

Most of the photos were taken just using our iPhones and also using the Hipstamatic app, which I think was really fun for this exhibit because it almost made the photos appear like we were in a different time period right there with her!

Aside from all the impressive jewels and belongings that were being showcased, what was extra impressive was the attention to detail on the museums part. Even the carpeted entrance was purple, which was a color always associated with Elizabeth Taylor because of her violet eyes (at least that’s what my grandma used to tell me)!

I loved the Andy Warhol piece!

All of her Academy Awards were on display!

We were SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited we were allowed to take photos!

The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond 33.19 CTS! The Christie’s auction price starts at 2.5 million! I’ve always had a thing for diamonds since it’s my birthstone.

My favorite Elizabeth Taylor quote!

We all left the exhibit extremely motivated! Elizabeth Taylor did so much for so many people and touched a lot of people in her lifetime. It was obvious by looking through her personal collection of items that these gifts were bestowed upon someone that truly deserved to be drenched in diamonds." - Christopher