A couple of weeks ago Allison and Paul from our Sales team visited the D23 Expo in Anaheim. They had a great time and took some amazing pictures so I asked Allison to give us a recap here on the blog. Take it away Allison:
Hi there,
Its Allison F. from the Harveys sales team! 
A few weeks ago Paul and I took a field trip to D23 at the Anaheim Convention Center to show our support for one of our favorite Harveys retailers, Charming Shoppe from Orange CA. 
Charming Shoppe had an amazing setup all three days of the Disney convention. They proudly displayed their Classic Disney, Minnie Mouse & Steamboat Willie collection bags. Adrienne from Charming Shoppe had a blast visiting with the Harveys fans that stopped by to say hi and meeting a bunch of new fans!

There were also some other really great exhibits that caught my eye....
Check out Cruella de Vil's office, this girl knows how to decorate!
An original Sleeping Beauty poster and book from the movie...

Walt Disney's design studio...
A few of the fans who came dressed for the occasion...
This GIANT cupcake tower along with awesome themed birthday parties... 
It was a great day full of so many amazing things to see, Disney sure knows how to throw an event :) The fun didn't end there, be sure to check out Charming Shoppes Facebook for details about their Harveys giveaway!!!


xo, Allison
Thank you Allison. I'm a little jealous I didn't go this year. I'll definitely have to pay a visit next year.