Seatbelt Card

We seem to have some very creative customers. Tina Whitted crafted this amazing Thank You Card to match her MT Picnic bag.
She sent us the following email:


I'm a huge fan of your fabulous products and lucky to have a few of your bags! Last week I celebrated a birthday and I received from my sister the medium Picnic Basket tote and I absolutely LOVE it! It's my most favorite Harvey's tote in my collection now! 

I am also a crafty card maker and paper crafter. I was so inspired by the picnic basket tote that I had to make a thank you card for my sister. If you all get a chance to check out my blog post on it, I will be so honored!

Thank you so much for making such great quality, durable, and cute bags! 


Tina Whitted

Great Job Tina. I'm honored that you made this fabulous card as a tribute to one of our bags. Thank you so much for sharing. You can see more on how she made it on her blog, HERE