Family Tradition

Last Year I had a contest and asked you to send in pictures of you with your HARVEYS bag on vacation. I received so many great photos with some great stories. You can see the original post HERE
One photo in particular stood out. It was sent in by Karen with this note:

The attached family photos were taken this year at Disneyland. The first photo of my brother,sister and I by the door at the Alice In Wonderland Ride, is very special because when we where younger (over 20 years ago) we took a similar photo of the three of us. This year we recreated that special moment and it just so happened that I had on my favorite handbag the Harvey's Disney B&W Boat Tote. I wanted to send a photo of the original picture but unfortunately I can't find it at the moment.  
Well, low and behold she finally found it and emailed it to me last week with this note:

After much searching with my cousin we tracked down a copy. since the photo contest we have continued the tradition of taking the same picture at Disneyland and each time now with one of my Disney/HARVEYS bags. Thanks for such great bags and services.
 - Karen 
P.S. I have also included a more recent photo of  my family taken at Disneyland of course with one of my Disney/HARVEYS bags.
Thank you for sharing Karen and for making HARVEYS a part of your family tradition.