Hello Kitty

On Saturday we went to the Super Pet Adoption event at the Irvine Animal Care Center. The girls have been asking for a kitty so we came out to find one.
We got there early and waited in line. It was a good thing too because the line got pretty long
They called it Orange County's Largest Pet Adoption Event and they weren't kidding.
There were over 800 animals up for adoption and it wasn't just cat's and dogs. There were bunnies and other animals too.
It was heartbreaking to see all of the unwanted pets and they were definitely eager to find families to go home with.
We bumped into one of our past interns, Julia and her boyfriend John. They already have a British Bulldog and wanted to find him a friend. They ended up taking home this cute little guy.
We stopped by the Boxer Rescue. Our Boxer, Rocky passed last November. He was the inspiration for the Original Seatbeltdog. We miss him dearly and whenever the girls see a boxer they say "There's Rocky".
It was great to see that so many people came out to support all of these unwanted furry friends.
and fell in love with this kitty family. The mother was pregnant when she was turned in to the shelter so she was able to raise all of her kittens and they had been well cared for.
We wished we could rescue them all but when they told us that it's hard for them to find homes for black cats, it made our decision easy
Right when we saw her Melanie said, "Let's call her Boo", just like the little girl in Monster's Inc. I thought it was very fitting since she is a black cat.
The volunteers at Caring Friends Cat Rescue are amazing. They foster a lot of these cats in their own homes. They have very strict guidelines for potential adoptees. We had to fill out 3 pages of questionnaires. We are so happy to welcome Boo into our family. Coco is very gentle with her even though Boo hisses whenever she comes near.
Look for more pics of Boo this Fur Friday.