Fur Friday

Trish sent in this pic of her Golden Retrievers, Shania and Quaid modeling their Disney x HARVEYS bags.
She wrote:

Okay, so I know I missed the last Fur Friday, however I realized that my love of
Harveys, Disney and Golden Retrievers runs deep and wanted to take this photo to
show you all three combined.  These are my four-footed children, Shania and
Quaid.  I do have to tell you that my daughter keeps hoping that an eventual
Disney bag release of yours will represent her favorite character, Pluto. (hint
hint)  ;-)  Oh and we are looking forward to the Seatbeltdog accessory line too
- they looked FABU at Patchwork!!!

<3  Trish

Thanks for Sharing Trish and happy Fur Friday, Shania and Quaid