Fur Friday

Last Saturday the girls set up a Lemonade and Brownie stand to raise money for Furry Friends.
They had a goal to raise enough money to buy 1 bag of dog food and 1 bag of kitty food to donate to the local animal shelter
Our neighbor donated the lemons and the girls helped make everything.
 Coco was even helping out.
They had a lot of customers and managed to raise $28.75. Not quite enough to meet their goal but they each offered to pitch in a couple of weeks allowance.
Ever since they could talk, both girls have been begging for a kitty. We've been trying to teach them the responsibility that comes with owning a pet and how it's not like a new toy that you get rid of when you are tired of playing with it. It takes a lot of love, time and money to care for an animal so they've been helping brush and feed Coco and taking her for walks.
We think they're finally ready now so tomorrow we'll be going to this event and bringing home a new Furry Friend to add to the Harvey family. 
They are so excited and keep asking if it's Saturday yet. They even have names ready depending on whether it's a boy or a girl and the best part is we get to bring Coco along too.