Fish Fry-day

Every year (since 1947) The Lions Club hosts the Fish Fry Festival at Lions Park in Costa Mesa to raise funds for charity.  Melanie has been going since she was 10 years old. We went this past weekend.
It was such a beautiful day, I decided to ride my bike (15 miles) and meet the girls there. I'm training for a 100 mile bike ride so I take any chance I can get to ride. Anyway... the first stop was for Italian Ice. What flavors do you think we picked?
DYK? We were originally going to call the new Scarlet color, Cherry. Then we started getting confused and didn't know if someone was talking about the Cherry Print or the Cherry Color or the Cherry Boat Tote. So at the last minute we changed it to Scarlet which I absolutely love now. Apple was going to be called Green Apple but we decided that just plain old Apple had a better ring to it. Well, I may have been a little influenced by my favorite computer company. 
We actually give as much thought to picking the right color name as we do to selecting the perfect shade. For us it's like finding the perfect name for a new baby.
Then we jumped in line for the Fish Fry Plate
We dream about this all year. There's something about the way they do it or maybe it's the setting but you just can't get this anywhere else. A little salt and vinegar... Mmmm.
A lot of preparation goes into this event and the Lions Club volunteers are so awesome.
 After lunch we took the girls on some of the carnival rides

 Loved this color combo
 I spent $25 trying to win one of these but sadly walked away empty handed.
Then we grabbed a funnel cake to share...
Laid out our blanket on the grass...
... and enjoyed the music.