Mail Call

Yesterday I got a little surprise in the Mail from Jayni Saenz with a bunch of her hand-made, recycled products. She made the HARVEYS bottle cap magnets and Tree-cycle keychains form items that came with her HARVEYS bags. The Heart pendant and tray are made form old bottles.
She wrote:

"Dana, Melanie & Staff at HARVEYS,
I wanted to say "thank you" for the Tree-cycle Minnie I won during the Earth Day contest!
I love to recycle so it is no surprise that I love the Tree-cycle collection! As Many beautiful
bags that you all make, Tree-cycle remains my favorite. Only one other comes close and that
is Paint By Numbers, LOL!
I am sending you some gifts that I enjoy making out of salvageable items.
Peace, love and Tree-cycle!
Jayni Saenz."

PS- It would be awesome if you made Tree-cycle in Medium Tote!! Just Saying...

Thank you so much Jayni. That was so thoughtful of you and you're right, a Tree-cycle Medium Tote would be cute.
We're already using the magnets on our refrigerator at home and Melanie is using the bottle tray as a cooking spoon dish. 

You can check out more of Jayni's hand made recycled wares on etsy here: Camilla Bleu Designs