Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday we headed out to the Chino Hills store for the Mother's Day event. We had a great time hanging out with everyone.
The Forever Blue Jeans Moxy was on a lot of Mother's wish lists this year. 
A lot of kids came out with their Mom's
The Dunkin' Station kept them busy while Mom Shopped
As usual we had plenty of fun giveaways. 
 The lucky first winner received this Silver Screen Boat Tote.
Lacey was toting a Kelly Green Summer Lovin' bag (Small Tote)
Don't let it's small size fool you. She managed to fit the e-reader sleeve along with all of her other stuff.
And just incase you were wondering, the first generation Kindle fit's perfectly inside the e-reader sleeve.
Mom's Day Bingo was a lot of fun
It pretty crowded inside the store so a few people watched from outside.
 It only took 4 calls to find a winner
We were all surprised. 
 The winner immediately handed the bag to her mom. A Red Lola. Happy Mother's Day.
Then she ended up wining another bag for herself. A Silver Screen Boxy. Good Karma I guess. I told her she should go to Vegas with that kind of luck.
Earlier her Mom was telling me how her daughters never share their bags with her. I guess she underestimated her daughters.
 The Disney Duo
 Brittany and Karla our Chino Hills Crew.
 Another lucky winner
 Christopher and Karla
Melanie and Erin (from the Santa Ana Store).
Thank you to all that came out. I hope you had as much fun as we did.