Happy Birthday Dear Ashley...

Yesterday was Ashley Tange's birthday. She emailed these pictures and wrote:
"Just wanted to share... I had one of the best birthdays ever as my co-workers (headed by my friend Crystal) decorated my office with a Harveys Seatbelt theme!  They know how much I love your products and everyone always teases me about all of my Harveys. 

Crystal hunted on Craigslist for used seatbelts for sale and drove out to Menifee to pick up the teal-colored seatbelts in my picture!
She also paid a visit to the Santa Ana store and was able to get a few bags and stickers for my decorations... she also told me that they were SUPER nice and helpful and knew who I was when she mentioned why she was there (which she thought was funny).  Anyways, it is hard to see all the detail in the pictures but they decorated with as much Harveys things as possible! 
I even got a couple gift cards and money (that is assumed to go towards some Harveys bags coming out in the near future) so that was super!!!  My boyfriend even asked me last week "so what Harveys bag would you like?!?!?!"  He knows... no jewelry for me... just Harveys bags.  LoL. <3 

Also, because I had one of the best decorations ever in our office it got a lot of attention and some of the girls even said they wanted to check you guys out after seeing some of the cute bags!  I had hand-out cards laying on my desk so that was neat! :D"

Happy Birthday Ashley and thank you so much for sharing. We love to decorate desks for birthdays around here too but I have to hand it to your co-workers, this tops anything we've ever done.