Lone Star Roundup

This Past Weekend was the 10th Annual Lonestar Round Up. A Hot Rod show in Austin, Texas that I've always wanted to go to. So this year Melanie and I decided to take a family road trip and drove all the way out there, with the HARVEYS Airstream in Tow. We drove out with our good friends Jimmy and Michelle White of Circle City Hotrods. They reserved a booth at the show to promote their shop and sell some merchandise so we decided we would set up shop too and introduce Texas to The Original Seatbeltbag. 
We've never personally done any events outside of Southern California and we hadn't really announced that we were going to be at the show so we didn't really know what to expect.
But we were pleasantly surprised to see a lot of people with our bags already and we received a warm Texas welcome. Here's a few shots of a few of the girls that we had the pleasure of meeting. 
It was good to see a Sid Bag. This was her very first Seatbeltbag that was given to her by her husband 3 years ago. 
 The Twins drove out from Houston with their family. They've been wearing Seatbeltbags since they were 13 and have over 20 bags that they share with Mom. One bought an olive green bag to match her 53 Ford that unfortunately broke down on the way to the show. But she promised to send me a picture when she gets home.
 We were surprised to see Lola at the Car show.
 I always love hearing stories of how ladies got their first bag. Her husband had seen our HARVEYS Van on a blog and decided to buy his wife a bag. Now she has several Seatbeltbags and he even has a wallet. 

We don't normally do the selling but since it was just Melanie and I, we had to put on our salesman hats. Melanie was a natural though, especially when dealing with husbands. She would help them pick just the right bag and they always left happy. Personally, I prefer designing and making bags to selling them but I did have a great time meeting everyone and listening to those great Texas accents. Besides, someone had to watch Marilyn and Lily Rose.
Circle City Hot Rods built my Roadster (below) and they brought it all the way out to display in their booth. Then I got to drive it around Austin at night which was a lot of fun.
Our booth was busy almost the whole time so ironically I didn't get much time to break away and check out the show but Melanie did let me take off for a few minutes to see one of my favorite musical artists Wayne Hancock. 
There were over 1500 hotrods and custom cars at the show this year. I didn't have a chance to see them all but I did manage to take a few pictures.

There was a moment at the show while I was sitting in the Airstream coloring with the girls while Melanie was outside talking to customers, I could hear the music coming from the stage outside and looked out the window at all the amazing hotrods and I thought, Wow, I am so blessed to be doing what I love and with my family by my side. Thank you everyone for all your support. The Harvey family couldn't do it without you.
We had such an amazing time in Austin. Sorry I haven't blogged much lately. I've really been missing it and I'll be posting lots more pics of our Road Trip Soon.