Text Book

Text abbreviations sure do save a lot of time but if I don't know the meaning, I'm too embarrassed to ask. So I found THIS very helpful list of abbreviations online. Then i got to thinking, wouldn't it be great to have a list of...  

So I started compiling a list of a few that we use around the office:
FF - First Friday
LTD - Limited Edition
SBB - Seatbeltbag
MIH - Make it Happen (Melanie's favorite)

Mixed-up Bags:
FBJ - Forever Blue Jeans
TL - Tough Love
TC - Tree-Cycle
PBN - Paint by Numbers
MB - Mashed Browns
PoP - Pocketbook of Posey
PW - Patchwork

LS - Large Satchel
MBT - Medium Boat Tote
LBT - Large Boat Tote
LT - Large Tote
MT - Medium Tote
MW - Minnie Wristlet
CT - Convertible Tote
MM - Mini Messenger
CS - Carriage Satchel
CH - Carriage Hobo

Miscellaneous Bags:
DoG - Death or Glory (Sid bag)
AWR - Armed with Roses
SBT - Scully Boat Tote

Limited Edition Bags:
QoH - Queen of Hearts
SC - Scaredy Cat
TM - Trail Mix
B&B - Boys and Berries
PBN - Paint by Numbers
JG - Jean Genie

I know I'm missing some and I bet you girls could help me come up with even more. If you have any that you would like to share, just leave a comment. I'll keep this list updated and that way we're all on the same page ;)