I Scream

Last night we headed down to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour for a very special Barbie Birthday Celebration.
Farrell's was founded in 1963 and when Melanie was growing up it was her favorite place to eat. 
The Party started a 4pm and when we got there the place was filled with little girls and their Barbies. Well, maybe a few big girls too.
Although they have great food, their specialty is Ice Cream.
If you're looking for a nice quiet place to dine with the family, this isn't it. The staff is always singing...Screaming with sirens blaring, bells ringing and drums banging.
This is a Mega Sundae they call the ZOO and this one was in celebration of Barbie's Birthday. They placed it on this stretcher and literally ran around the restaurant. I'm surprised nobody got hurt.
Then they invited all the girls with Barbies to come and get some
The girls even got to meet Barbie herself.
If you didn't get your full of sweets you can always visit the Farrell's Candy Shop that's conveniently located right inside the restaurant.
Thanks for an awesome Party Barbie.