Shell Shock

Last year we took a road trip up the California coast. One of our stops was Morro Bay where we discovered The Shell Shop 
I loved the old original sign. It's been there since 1955. I hope they never "up-date" it.
When we got inside we were shocked by their enormous selection of shells.
They provide baskets for you to gather shells. We gave the girls a $10 budget and they managed to fill their baskets to the brim.
 Prices ranged from 5 cents to $500.
 They had some of the more expensive items behind glass. Loved the coral.
 All of the vibrant colors, shapes and patterns were so inspiring.
Who knows you may even see some ideas pop up in a new bag soon.
Which reminds me of one of Marilyn and Lily's favorite jokes. (They love telling it to anyone that will listen)
What kind of phone does a Mermaid use?
A Shell-Phone, of course!