The Design Your Own LTD Contest Winner

Congratulations Sarah Sandusky. She received the most votes for her submission, Envy. This was one of my favorites too. The mixed up greens look quite smart and the name is very clever. 
When I first found out about this contest I got really excited and asked Jill if I could help by providing the winning prize. She said yes so I searched the archives and found this one-of-a-kind LTD edition that we developed a while back but for whatever reason, never released. Well we kind of forgot about it until last week when I dug it up. Melanie designed the liner and duster bag fabric and it has a #1 of 200 LTD label inside. We never officially named it so Sarah, you'll have to give it a name yourself. If anyone has a suggestion for Sarah, please leave a comment.
 I hope you enjoy your prize Sarah. I'm sure there's a few ladies that are green with envy right now.
A big thanks to Jill and Lacey for creating this contest and to all of the creative Junior Designers that participated. 

To find out more about this contest CLICK HERE