Choose Color with Confidence

So, today we chose our new colors for spring of next year. Everyones comments on the Color Wheel post really helped out. Have you ever noticed how when you're focused on something it seems to jump out at you from everywhere? That totally happened to me over the last couple of weeks. Here's a few pics that inspired me.
This past Saturday we painted our bedroom yellow. I took this picture at OSH while we were picking out the exact shade of yellow.
Lily's water colors
I spotted these single color M&M's while I was waiting in line at Michael's.
I struck up a conversation with a girl in line that's using the silver one's for her wedding. She told me about THIS website where she ordered personalized messages on them.
 I came across this PBN's notebook
 Sharon and Carin made this Birthday Cake for Irene. I loved all the vibrant colors. Irene is a big Day of the Dead fan.
I liked this table cloth at Kimmie's, oh and Marilyn's sippy cup.
Thanks again for all the suggestions and keep them coming.
I know a year is a long time to wait but we have some amazing colors coming this spring that I know you'll love.