Irvine Park

This past Sunday we had our Fall 2011 photo shoot at Irvine Park, which happens to be the very first Park in Orange
County. Our family often visits for picnics, and we've even held a few company events there, so it
seemed like a great location for a HARVEYS photo shoot. Here are some images from the 1930's:

There are some trees that are over 500 years old.
Here are a few behind the scenes shots throughout the day.

 The crew 
Shelli: Hair Stylist
Irene: Make-up
 Katrina: Model
 Grant: Photographer
Malia and Ashley: The Marketing Team that made it all happen.
 My girls wanted to be models too

We even spotted some wild peacocks while driving through the park!

We had a great day and captured some amazing pictures of our new Fall Seatbeltbags.