Sewing the Seeds

Whenever I have something of my own that I need to sew, I have to drag it in to work and wait till a machine isn't being used. So I decided it was time to buy a sewing machine for home. I've always been a big fan of the basic Kenmore sewing machine. In fact the very first machine that I used to sew the very first seatbeltbag was a Kenmore. We even kept it in service for a few years until it finally broke and cost more to repair than a new one. By that time we were only using industrial machines so it was retired.
I just picked this up at Sears for a mere $109 at their Black Friday Sale.
Here's the very first Machine which I used to sew Melanie the very first Seatbeltbag back in 1997. We have it on display in our lobby.
So, I was hemming a shirt on my new sewing machine and stepped away for a few minutes. Marilyn jumped on it and started sewing. I panicked and was about to discipline her when I realized that it was a good thing that she showed initiative. (I was just glad she didn't sew her finger)
I decided it was time to give her a sewing lesson. She loved it. We're going to sew Holiday Dresses for her and Lily. Who knows one day she may even be a Designer at HARVEYS.