Melanie, the girls, and I stopped by Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Fair on sunday 11/28/10.
We didn't have a booth this event, but we'll be there for the one in Spring 2011... so stay tuned!
Here are some pics of a few of our favorite vendors:

The girl selling these cupcakes had a HARVEYS bag. NICE!
We got these "push-up" cupcakes for the girls which worked out perfect because they usually just lick off the icing! With these, they had to eat through the layers of cake to get to the icing.

Backyard Bees is an organization that rescues bees, in Orange County, and places them in peoples back yards to harvest honey and maintain a hive. Last year we called them to rescue a swam that migrated to our house.
 This booth looked amazing! Like a little Barn!
 Melanie fell in love with these aprons. She's always in the kitchen cookin' up a storm!
Owls are a Hoot!
Cute Photo Booth
 Before we left we grabbed a snow cone


Hope to see you all at Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Fair in Spring 2011. Check here to find out exact dates!