Fashion Night Out- Los Angeles

Hi everyone!

It's me Christopher, Store Manager @ HARVEYS Melrose.
I wanted to give you a peep indside a very special event coming to LA. tomorrow 
night Sept 10th @6:00pm.
It's sponsored by VOGUE and it's called Fashion Night Out. 
It normally takes place in NEW YORK CITY but this Year it's coming to LA and HARVEYS 
was invited to participate along with a host of other awesome Brands like Johnny 
Cupcakes, Tarina Tarintino, Paul Frank, Betsy Johnson, Tokidoki, and a whole bunch
The whole city will be Buzzing with activity. 

Stop by HARVEYS and say Hi, enjoy a glass of bubbly with me and Harveys Melrose 
crew, pick up some candy (the store will be doused in it) and make some cool custom 
buttons for your bags then pop over and say hi to our neighbors!

To find out more about this awesome event and participating stores, go to 

Cheers, Christopher <3