Forever in Blue Jeans

Nothing beats a great pair of blue jeans, Right? Well maybe just one thing... a "Forever Blue Jeans" Seatbeltbag with it's many shades of Denim Blue. 
Right now we're working on the new bags for Summer 2011 and I came across this video. Neil Diamond's song was the inspiration for the bag.
Levi Strauss was the pioneer of the Blue Jean. During the California Gold Rush he came here to sell tents to the Gold miners but when he got here he discovered that the demand for tents was not that great. What the miners really needed was clothing that would stand up to the vigorous demands of mining life. So he had and idea... He took those tents and cut them up and made miner's pants. The heavy tent fabric was perfect and were a huge success. Today they are an American Fashion Icon.
In a way it reminds me of how Melanie and I came up with the first Seatbeltbag. 
Would you like to see something new in "Forever in Blue Jeans" next year?