Over the years we've collaborated with some amazing artists and Companies: Gary Baseman, Sujean Rim, Sid and Walt Disney. Is there someone or a company that you would like to see us collaborate with? I'd love to know. Just leave a comment on this post. Who knows, we may even use your idea.
Sid has done most of the Tattoos on Melanie and I. His Tattoo shop is located in Santa Ana but He travels all over the world tattooing and has hosted several Tattoo conventions. He has a traditional "Old Sailor" style. When we worked on the bags together we put a lot of details into the bag that represented his vintage style.
I've always been a fan of Gary Baseman's work. He created the cartoon series "Teacher's Pet" and did the art for the board game "Cranium". He's won several awards for his work including 3 Emmys. 
We first fell in love with Sujean's work on "Daily Candy". She's also worked with Tiffany's, Almay and Barney's New York and has also written and illustrated several children's books.

The best part about working with Disney was having access to their amazing database of archives. We got to see actual sketches by Walt Disney himself. We had the opportunity to use any of the hundreds of Disney characters but for us Mickey was the obvious choice.