Love Me, Tees Me

On June 5th Grand Central Art Center (GCAC) will be hosting a very special Tee Shirt art show called "<3 Me Tees Me". My Friend Ryan Bryant is curating it and invited me to be an artist along with some other Harveys Artists: Sid, Gary Baseman and Mustachio (Cody Lusby).  If you have a chance stop by it's from 7-10pm Saturday June 5th and runs through July 3rd. GCAC is located at 125 N. Broadway Santa Ana, CA 92701. The event is the evening before Patchwork so if you're in town you can come to both. Here are the flyers for the show. They're cut in the shape of a Tee Shirt. Pretty cool.
Ryan Bryant has done a lot of screen printing for us. His company is called Graham Street Press. He did all of the "I am a seatbelt bag" totes that were printed on site at last year's Patchwork event. He'll also be at this coming Patchwork printing HARVEYS special event Tees. 

Hope you can make it out to at least one of these great events.