We finished decorating the HARVEYS Airstream just in time for the Lemans car race in Monterey, California this weekend where it will be on display along with our bags. Here's a few shots of us decorating it. If you can't make it out this time don't worry, we'll be trailering out to an event near you soon.
We bought this one new in 2007. Before that we had a vintage one from 1966 (below) which we used for this advertisement photo in 2005 
I first fell in love with Airstreams in the 1980's when I spotted one in Cindy Lauper's video, Time after Time. I didn't know what an Airstream was back then but I just thought it looked so cool

Airstream trailers are made with aluminum which makes them very light as illustrated in this picture (below) taken in the 1940's of one being towed by a bicycle. Just like our bags the design remains unchanged yet still looks as modern today as it did then.